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Now in FoCo!!! (Fort Collins)

Everyone say hello to ( which will be for shopping on most of the MU products excluding active research spores which will have it's own website and new LLC under MU Gateway Genetics. MU Gateway Genetics website portal is under development, stay tuned!

As always, for your cosmic existence, Myceli Unlimiti~

February 11th 2024

CAS, XICO Minis, and Myco Plunge bundles will be available for pick at the Ant Life Space in Denver, February 11th. Preorder for pick up at the event!

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(CAS) Pick Up Location: Good Fellas Smoke Shop - Castle Rock - Colorado

CAS units will be sold at the Good Fellas Smoke Shop in Castle Rock, Colorado. Visit this location or check them out with the business link below.

Good Fellas Smoke Shop

Everything smoke and CAS

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