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Myceli Unlimiti

Mexican OP Amino Sauce (Modern Soy/Shoyu Sauce)

Mexican OP Amino Sauce (Modern Soy/Shoyu Sauce)

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Mexican OP Amino Sauce (Modern Shoyu Style Amino Sauce)

Ferment Period: 6 months+

Koji: Shoyu Koji (Green)

This handcrafted amino sauce was brewed and fermented with Koji grains a traditional culinary mycelium fungus called Aspergillus Oryzae, traditionally used in many cultures to ferment. Iconic ferments created with Koji are sake, miso, and shoyu "soy" sauce amongst many others products. This ferment contains pre and probiotics and is a symphony of live cultures. No preservatives or binding agents were used in the final product. Shake well before use as natural sediments and separation will occur. Pressed, pasteurized, and bottled by hand in Colorado Springs. 

The ingredients in this batch were inspired by wanting to create an amino sauce that could pair well with Mexican Cuisine. Most sauces and salsa traditional to the Mexican Cuisine are bold and hold a strong presence in the plate or dish. We wanted to create a condiment sauce that wouldn't over power the food. Perfect for enhancing your mothers perfect seasoning. Viva tu Mama!

Mexican OP Amino Sauce (Modern Shoyu Style Amino Sauce) 6 Month Ferment

*** This is a modern twist of traditional shoyu and soy sauce brewing and fermentation techniques. The garbanzo beans were slightly toasted and the organic rye grain was sprouted before being inoculated with Koji Kin. This amino sauce brings a synergy of umami, freshness, and a hint of heat from the dragons breath peppers. Pairs perfectly with any cuisine but specifically designed for the Mexican Cuisine. Use as you would Shoyu or soy sauce to brighten your meals. Enjoy!!



Mexican Caldos 


No onion guacamole for those that are "allergic" to onions 

Sticky Rice

Fire or Oven Roasted Vegetables


Add to anything you would normally eat. 

Myceli Unlimiti brings you small batch ferments for your cosmic existence. We believe in creating small batches of ferments inspired by the seasonality, availability, and real time inspiration. This gives us the opportunity to create new products and provide you with exciting new flavors for you to explore. These batches and ferments will are limited in stock, get your while supplies last.

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