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Myceli Unlimiti

Smoked Mushroom Miso

Smoked Mushroom Miso

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Included: 1 each 8oz Jar

Ferment Period: 1 years+

Koji: White Spore

This handcrafted amino paste was fermented with Koji grains a traditional fermentation tool and technique used in Japan to make Miso. The ingredients in this batch were inspired by the left over biomass of scraped fungal fruits, this is a product that represents the full circle of our concept to use and reuse ingredients and materials around us.

This was inspired by the felt over bio mass, originally the idea was to smoke the bio mass. The results of the enzymes and ingredients used is wild. Smells of dark chocolate and campfire roasted marsh mellows. Has tannins and lingering tobacco hints great in beef soups and stews or to kick it up a notch on open flame cooking ingredients. This product is recommend for more culinary inclined as it is robust flavor profile that requires balancing.

***Ferments are prepared with zero preservatives or additives. Product carries in own biome of healthy bacteria and the correct ratio of salt to naturally preserve the final product. Refrigerate after open to extend life.

Myceli Unlimiti brings you small batch ferments for your cosmic existence. We believe in creating small batches of ferments inspired by the seasonality, availability, and real time inspiration. This gives us the opportunity to create new products and provide you with exciting new flavors for you to explore. These batches and ferments will are limited in stock, get your while supplies last.

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