" Golden Kwai " Hybrid PB x GT

" Golden Kwai " Hybrid PB x GT

PB x GT genetics cross "Golden Kwai" , isolated monokaryotic colonies of Pink Buffalo (PB) and Golden Teacher (GT). This initial F0 is a great place to start pheno hunting. If you want to continue stablizing and improving off the genetics.

This generations expressions show typical characteristics of a brown cap cube of both the PB and GT. PB are usually more whimsical and have have conical caps don't usually grow into super big boy fruits, they are known to create alien plant life clusters the have a central growth point. The typical GT is common to have large tall straight fruits with the infamous goldened hue cap and usually form beautiful central focal ring in the center of the caps. It is still very early to see how the future generation with begin to stabilize but known the less a beautiful project.

From the angle of this photo you cannot see body mutation of one of the fruits that grew upside down with stipe or stem in the air. First time seeing something like this grow as tall and large as it did. These types of unstable growths are common in the early stages of a cross.

Genetics breeding and "crossing" has always been a hot topic in the myco community. If you have attempted this or have started researching the subject you have been confronted by the endless crypts of online data. Deciphering the half truths with the emerging concepts and technique on how to properly go about this can bend the mind. Then you must convince the masses of your success, even with DNA sequencing of fungi crosses becoming more common it's this a lot of work, money, and time to have a new strain considered. And yes it does lean more towards the people you know then how much time you actually put into a cross to have work validated. 

Monokaryotic to monokaryotic is the most basic approach to explain but this is easier said then done. Swab bumping and getting lucky on a plate with single monokaryotic colonies that will successfully "cross" with another monokaryotic to form a dikaryotic mycelium body is a probabilities game, yet it is possible. This is then put through the different fruiting stages to hopefully produce fruits. The first fruits of a cross are referred to as F0. We then collect spores from that generation children's fruiting bodies and repeat the process in order to stabilize the cross, in most cases a stable cross would be something the hits F2-3 depending on who you ask. If you want to take a step further to validate your work, a microscope can help you identify monokaryotc isolations, this approach could include serial dilution as well. There are many techniques that keep emerging to isolate monos. So just how many cross or hybrids actually exist? Or how many are actually confirmed. 

  Not long ago at the Psycon event I got the chance to speak to a lab specialist and had an interesting conversation on how much is would cost to actually verify hybrids and crosses, if you do come around to reading this please contact me! Would love to chat some more and introduce you to the Smoke to Smoke podcast or their new series Shroom to Shroom. Now... Back to the post. 

Many cry out that it's a pipe dream, and I do believe that there was time when that was the most likely outcome. With emerging "teks" and the power of technology this has become a more common phenomenon. And trust me I am one to believe in the magic, as opposed to shooting them down. Crossing is just something you get into if you practice mycology for more the 2 years, 100% you will start to think of crossing. So why am I painting this lovely picture of the common obstacles in the terms of crossing fungi genetics?

It most definitely is not to discourage but to encourage and shed some light on why maybe your has disappeared and become obsessed with mycology! There is that itch that most of us have when someone says that something is not possible. Our response to work hard to understand the reasoning behind the why not? And develop a way to explain this is why you couldn't do it and this is how you can.

***Genetics will be available soon please join our news letter for the announcement of the release date. These personal articulations and expressions of the these fruits are based of personal grows and interactions with these strains. If you disagree or have input you would like to add please contact us via email or socials. As always, for your cosmic existence, Myceli Unlimiti.

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