(CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System

Experience the future of mycology with (CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System. This sustainable agricultural system revolutionizes the way we grow gourmet and functional fungal fruits, providing high-quality results while being efficient and cost-effective. With (CAS), you can easily cultivate a wide range of fungal fruits, while enjoying fast and impressive yields. Embrace the power of (CAS) and unlock the potential of your agricultural endeavors today.

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(CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System

Reusable Enclosure

CAS plastic enclosure is reusable with easy to clean plastic system you can start to make your own fungal cakes in no times for your own gourmets and funcitonal fungal fruits.

(CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System

Compatible with various strains

CAS can be used to create ideal incubation and fruiting conditions for your fungal fruiting blocks. Can be used for just about any type of strain and type of fruiting fungi. Approx. 8x5x7 in size is easy to store and manage anywhere in your home.

(CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System

Growing should be simple like CAS.

Take a look at some of the simple highlights that make CAS practical for everyone. Whether you are on the go or life is busy this system makes it easy to grow.

(CAS) Cosmic Agricultural System

Myceli Unlimti

CAS was developed by Myceli Unlimiti and MU partners to bring everyone the fruiting experience, giving everyone the opportunity to grow their own food. Ultimately inspiring everyone to become more conscious of the food alternatives we have around us compared to heavily processed foods.

Into Myceli Unlimiti_Origin Story
CAS flush of gourmet fruits

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