Into the Cosmic, Into the CAS.

Into the Cosmic, Into the CAS.

Debuted Summer 2023 at the Sports Castle event in Denver. The idea of the CAS was to provide the entry level customer into the world of mycology, giving access to various types of mycelial fungal fruits. There is the constant issue of accessibility for these types of nutritional foods, functional nootropic foods alternatives, and alternative medicines for entry level individuals. Many are faced with the lengthy process or expensive investment to begin venturing into the world of mycology. Designing these kits was just something obvious that needed to be attempted. This is a very affordable price point and cuts the wait time for those that cannot wait to go through the entire process. Also giving the curious individual confidence to invest in the mycelium based hobbies which also includes mycology.  

CAS Flush Gourmet Piopinnos

This idea and concept were developed with the bare minimum, using healthy spawn and substrate we can create small fruiting blocks that can be taken to the customers house and introduced into fruiting conditions. With fruiting results in 5-10 days (about 1 and a half weeks). Giving the customers a cultivation tool that they can finish fruiting at home. And anyone can do this!! We did all the lab and challenging work for you, simply take it home and use the information on our website to fruit your own mushrooms.

So let us address the elephants in the room!!! From the business standpoint of many local vendors, we understand that this might be disappointing to you. Retailing or reselling cultivation tools is how many of us make our money but look at it this way the lack of education and knowledge is what was breaking the price point of accessibility for many. One mushroom cap produces millions of spores and yet in the past vendors would sell prints for $30-80! Or spore swabs and spore genetics in whatever form were being exploited because of the lack of education and knowledge. The market is pivoting, and innovation is disrupting the hold of the gatekeepers. These kits are going to be monetized and commercialized with big corporate money. As you read this, right now because of the introduction of the concept/idea and the success we had with it, others are planning on how to bring this into the market.  

We have been asked by many customers about our competition! How will we compete against big name companies or other local vendors? We at Myceli Unlimiti, MU Fermentation Labs, and MU Gateway Genetics 100% believe that we do not have competition in that sense, we are not trying to remain relevant. We aim to pioneer the industry and open accessibility to everyone because the real competition is not among us, it is against the corporate big money and pharma giants that will try to rip this away from the people.

CAS Custom Fungal Block
The larger picture is hard to grasp because of the balance we all must find in keeping a business alive while sharing knowledge and medicine. Sometimes it feels like a pipe dream, until we start to write one sentence about it or share the idea with another... 
For your cosmic existence, Myceli Unlimiti.

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