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Myceli Unlimiti

Grain Bag 3# (MU Mix)

Grain Bag 3# (MU Mix)

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Injection Port

Experience the durability and quality of the Grain Bag Millet 3# – the perfect bio material for spawning various types of fungi grain. Made from durable materials and packed with dense nutrients, this versatile bag is designed to create the ideal growing medium for your research mushroom projects. Don't miss out on this essential tool for mushroom cultivation – order your Grain Bag Millet today and take your fungal fruiting (mushrooms) research project agriculture to the next level!

Offered with injection port or without. Please make sure you select the correct product grain bags without injection ports are for advanced researchers that have a lab set up, which includes a flow hood or SAB and an impact sealer to reseal the bag once they are done interacting with the bag. 

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