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Myceli Unlimiti

Sterile Pre-Poured Agar 100mm (10 Packs)

Sterile Pre-Poured Agar 100mm (10 Packs)

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Each pack includes 10 plates of the selected type of recipe. 

Experience the reliability and high quality of our sterile pre-poured agar dishes for your scientific culture and spore research and experiments. Made with sterile materials, our dishes provide a safe and controlled environment for your research. With their versatility, they are suitable for a wide range of experiments. Plus, our agar dishes are cost-effective, allowing you to maximize your budget. Shop local and support your myco scientific community by adding our agar dishes to your cart today!


***By purchasing these plates we assume that the purchaser has done personal research and is educated on how to properly use and care for them. No returns or refunds on plates, unless they arrive contaminated or damaged on delivery. 1 week return policy for damaged or compromised product, buyer is responsible for the return shipping. Spores work are NOT included with this purchase this ONLY includes the sterile agar dishes, photos are for demonstration. Plates arrive wrapped in 5 packs, does not include film wrap, buyer is responsible to be prepared with own film wrap for individual wrapping and sealing of plates after use. 

***Photos are for demonstration, results vary on isolations and cultures, live cultures NOT included, only the sterile pre-poured medium. 

Recommended for agar isolations of Culture and Spore Research:

1st Stage (MU MEA Variation) - MU Gateway Genetics classic malt extract and agar ratios adjusted to give the initial contact the right viscosity surface area to grow out toward the edge of the plates as the mycelium seeks nutrients and air flow. Used to spot aggressive and potential colonies before transferring segments to the next stage.

2nd Stage (MU Honey Agar) - MU Gateway Genetics has found that using raw organic honey specifically from Mexico has produced desired results with growing isolated segments. Watch your isolation work improve on this heavy nutritional agar medium before selecting the best traits and phenotypes for your final isolation.

3rd Stage (MU Royal Jelly Agar) - MU Gateway Genetics final stage of isolation is a recipe that uses lab grade protein peptones used to finish growing the isolated agar segments and used to inoculate spawn grain. Only the best isolations are selected and used to inoculate grain, sell as fully colonized plates, and turned into liquid live culture.

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